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Why cleanrooms?

Since the beginning our motto in the field of data recovery has always been non-destructive examination..

It was evident to us from the start, that harddisks could only be opened in specially built, dust free rooms (=cleanrooms), or else damage to the delicate read-write heads and consequently to the data surfaces would be done.

Why? Well, harddisks are also built in cleanrooms only!

The read-write heads float on air, at a distance of approximately 10 to 25 nanometres (1 nanometre = 0.000001 millimetre = just a hint) above the data disks. The disks consist of glass, upon which a magnetic layer (between 50 and 100 nanometres thick – also just a hint) had been evaporated on.
The air that we breathe, in contrast, contains about 1 million dust particles per dm³ = 1 litre. Those have an average size of 1 micrometer. This is about 50 times the gap between read-write head and data disk.

For illustration, one might say: try to press your living room TV set through a keyhole!
It won’t work? It sure won’t!

It is also worth noting, that sometimes wear or inadequate treatment (shocks, hits, etc.) may result in abrasion within the harddisk. Those particles also may get jammed between the read-write heads and the data disks, causing irrecoverable damage. But such damage can only be detected, if the disk is being opened. Back to the start!

Many data recovery companies seem not to care about it – they negate those facts and simply work away.

Thus your important and valuable data might get lost irrecoverably.

  • Take care to get high quality data recovery!
  • Insist on a cleanroom!
  • Demand the best!
  • data-repairs GmbH

Interesting !?! Certainly:

Cleanroom – measurement certificate  PDF-File (pdf)

Cleanroom – measurement certificate  PDF-File (pdf)

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