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Analysis of software- and hardware-errors free of charge and non-destructive examination


  • according to our own methods, tried and proven for years, so that you and your valuable data stand a fair chance!
  • No examination fee!*This applies to harddisks from all manufacturers, even as part of RAID-arrays!

80% of all bad harddisks, that were beyond any chance of recovery, had been tried to death by private testing.

B3eHere applies: take no chances!

Once can be too much!
Just for explanation: if a harddisk is not working (i.e. it cannot be recognised by the computer, or the operating system on the disk cannot boot up), it should not be connected to electric power for any more time. Not even for determining, if an electronic or mechanic failure has occurred. See also our failure description for IBM harddisks!

With us, harddisks are FIRST placed in our class 10 or class 100 cleanrooms where non-destructive examination for mechanic errors takes place.

Only when we are 100% certain, that we do not inflict any more damage upon your valuable data, repair of electronic failures is undertaken.


So that your data are not being tested “to death”:

No fee for examination!

*This doesn’t apply for already opened harddisks (see “Costs“)!
*This applies to everywhere in Europe!

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