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Data recovery

Loss of data is certainly one of the most severe problems you can encounter while working!

Do not panic, today there are various means of recovering your data.

Following is some simple advice, how to react, if your storage medium is not working properly:


Error: How to react:
Harddisk “clicks” mechanic damage; turn off power immediately; no more starts – or damage will worsen
Harddisk (especially IBM drives) makes scratching noise and does not boot up again. do not let utility programs, like e.g. IBM’s Drive-Fitness Test check the drive – the scratched sectors would be written to an error table and locked, thus the data there would be lost forever
Harddisk Controller Error mechanic or electronic damage – it needs an experienced data recovery specialist to determine which; do not try to start the drive again
Harddisk cannot be addressed mechanic damage; one must not experiment with so-called data recovery software: those programs are just for finding deleted information on physically good harddisks
Harddisk was formatted inadvertently data structure problem; please refrain from using commercially available “data recovery programs”; do not boot up any more
Harddisk does not boot up data structure problem, electronic or mechanic damage; only professional assistance possible
DAT tape is unwound, wrinkled do not cut, rewind or stretch; pack tape in it’s original state into a box, use caution
DAT tape cannot be read we suggest you send both tape and tape drive for examination

How do we treat your defective storage media?