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How do we treat your defective storage media?


    • At the moment your storage medium arrives at our premises, experienced specialists take over.
    • Harddisks are then examined in our class 10 and class 100 cleanrooms for a first non-destructive analysis of possible mechanic errors.
    • We do not start up bad harddisks, for we do not want to inflict any more mechanic damages (scratches) on the delicate data surfaces!
      See also our description of errors! IBM harddisk errors!
    • Only if we are 100% certain not to cause any more damage to your valuable data, phase 2 of our proven examination routine begins.
    • Analysis and/or elimination of errors
    • Together with evaluation of the possibilities to reconstruct your important data
    • This done, you get a written estimate (covering type of damage, cost and duration of data recovery). You may now also choose the storage medium, on which you will receive your recovered data.
    • When you decide to do so, you will give us the order to recover your data as per the conditions of the estimate.
  • Payment is due at the collection/shipment of the data, i.e. completion of the recovery work. Average time for the recovery process: 1 to 3 working days.









We also would like to give you some additional advice:

Send your bad harddisks and above all your RAID-arrays only to a specialised data recovery enterprise with state-of-the-art infrastructure for drive analysis.

Our experience shows, that 80% of all really bad harddisks, that are beyond any chance of data recovery, were killed by private test trials (e.g. from friends or colleagues).

If a harddisk does not respond, or if the computer does not recognise it, it should

not even one single time

be connected to electric power. Not even to determine, whether the damage is an electronic or mechanic one.