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Out of our experience with recovering IBM harddisks, we would like to give you some hints:


Those harddisks usually show the same behaviour:

They hang up with a scratching noise and freeze all actions in the midst of working.


It sounds like this!

Should the destruction have carried on for some time, you would then hear a “whining noise”!

It sounds like this!

In both cases we can recover your data!


When you turn to one of several hotlines for help, they will usually advise you to carry out the “Drive Fitness Test” program on your drive. This and other so-called harddisk diagnostic programs start with read-tests, which make the read-write heads of your drive speed all over the smooth surfaces of your important data disks.

The distance between the floating read-write heads and the surfaces are usually about 10 to 25 nanometres (1 nanometre = 0.000001 millimetre = just a hint). Should there be the smallest particle on any of the surfaces, the scratching noise (see above) starts. A small scratch develops on this most delicate data disk.


This even happens under normal conditions! Just imagine therefore, how much damage will be done, when during the read-tests the heads continue to chip away at those sectors. Not only will further sectors be damaged and your data on this surface be destroyed for ever, but the heads also will subsequently burn away, due to the high friction temperature (scratching noise)!

Programs like e.g. “Drive Fitness-Test” are applicable, when your disk contains no data important and valuable to you.

In other words, if you have an empty harddisk and want to make sure, that all errors on the surfaces are detected and written to an error table (afterwards at those defective sectors data can not be stored any more), then you should use such a program.


We, as professionals in data recovery, approach the problem of data crash by proven methods! They require, apart from profound knowledge in the mechanic and electronic areas, also special tools, equipment, and last but not least a lot of experience!

So, it is not a good idea, to run some simple (and maybe free) downloaded program on your important disk!


We would be glad to help you!

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