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Maxtor harddisks

of newer make may suddenly no longer be recognised from the computer by their type or number.

The operating system will not boot up, or there will be no access to the drive at all.

At the PC’s setup menu the disk will be only found by a wrong name.

E.g. a Maxtor harddisk of the type 4D040H2 may then be shown as “Romulus”.

This error appears with the following harddisk families and types:

Family Type Error
D531X e.g. 2R015H1 Nike
D541X e.g. 2B020H1 Athena
DiamondMax VL40 e.g. 34098H4 Proxima
D540-4D e.g. 4D040H2 Romulus
Fireball 3 e.g. 2F040J0 oder L0 Ares
DiamondMax Plus 8 e.g. 6E040L0 N40P
DiamondMax Plus 9 e.g. 6Y120P0 oder L0 Calipso
DiamondMax Plus 60 e.g. 5T060H6 Rigel


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