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More often than not, we experience, that it is highly important for our customers, to compare prices even before getting to contact us.

Please, be a mature consumer. If your data are IMPORTANT, then check carefully. Data recovery is an operation involving top-notch technology, and may therefore be costly. Apart from that, unappropriate treatment would even worsen the damage to your storage media.









We are a success-oriented enterprise. You only pay, if we can recover your valuable data and you accept our estimate.

Therefore we treat your defective harddisks with great care during the non-destructive examination.

It goes without saying, that you do not have to pay more for this highly professional service.

Due to our long-lasting experience, we can assure you, that 90% of all data recovery cost fall into the range

from CHF 500.- to CHF 1’800.- *

per harddisk.


For the examination of already opened harddisks we have to charge CHF 180.– exclusive of VAT, because they matter a considerable expenditure and the chances for a successful data recovery are far smaller. This charges are payable before the examination.

*Our prices are exclusive of 8 % VAT.