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Data Recovery

Microsoft GmbH IBM-Hitachi notebook harddisk Windows XP
Deutsche Telekom notebook harddisks e.g. IBM IC25N030ATDA04 Windows XP
Magna International RAID system + notebook harddisks Novell + Windows XP
Deutscher Paketdienst Maxtor harddisks 6E040L0 Windows 2000
Swarovski Shop Vienna harddisks from POS terminals POS
Philips AG harddisks BeOS, Windows XP
Siemens AG various notebook harddisks various operating systems
General Electric RAID-system Windows 2000
Daimler Chrysler Services IBM notebook harddisks various Lotus Notes and Domino data bases
Vienna Symphonic Library several IBM SCSI disks 146GB – total amount of data 215 GB recovered flawlessly within 3 work days Windows XP
AC Nielsen RAID system Novell
Vienna General Hospital RAID system Windows NT
Hewlett-Packard DAT tape Windows NT
Essl Art Foundation harddisk Windows
Austrian Federal Railways harddisks, e.g. IBM 25N060ATCS05 Windows 98,Windows 2000,Windows XP
Vienna city government harddisks Windows 98 FAT32
“Der Standard” newspaper SCSI harddisk Windows NT
various university institutes, e.g. Institute for Botany 3.5″ harddisks + notebook harddisks Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP , Linux
various advertising firms Apple IDE + SCSI disks MAC OS HFS(+)


This list contains only a small number of our valued customers!