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Data recovery of Western Digital harddisks from the series:


    • WD2000BB/JB, WD1800BB/JB, WD1600BB/JB; WD1200BB/JB
    • WD1000BB/JB, WD800BB/JB, WD600BB/JB, WD400BB/JB
    • WD800BB, WD600BB, WD400BB, WD300BB, WD200BB
    • WD400EB, WD300EB, WD200EB, WD100EB
    • WD1200AB, WD1000AB, WD800AB, WD600AB, WD400AB, WD300AB, WD200AB, WD100AB

and also

  • WD153DA & WD75DA

These drives usually show the same failure:
They are not recognised by the computer; the computer behaves, as if no harddisk were present. You can also often hear “cracking” noises, when the disk tries to start.

It sounds like this!

Our rate of success for a complete recovery of your important data is very high!

We, as professionals in data recovery, approach the problem of data crash by proven methods! They require, apart from profound knowledge in the mechanic and electronic areas, also special tools, equipment, and last but not least a lot of experience!

Use our knowledge for your benefit!

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